Precision is our strength

Th. Zürrer & Cie was founded in 1916. Today it is a family controlled stock company situated at Stallikon-Zürich, initially specialising in the production of model electric locomotives, motors and transformers. In the 1940’s the company’s direction changed to the manufacture of worm gears and motors. The company has since proved to be a leading producer of worm gears with low backlash.

Precision - our strength
In addition to worm gears, spur-bevel gears, planetary gears, AC and DC motors and servomotors form a large part of our product range. The manufacture of high precision gears with low backlash are a specialty. Th. Zürrer AG offers a versatile range of standard products with short delivery times. We are also renowned for developing customer specific solutions. Efficient logistics guarantee short delivery times even for customized gears.

Quality is the driving principle throughout the whole company. Managers and employees live this principle starting with the first contact with our customer, through the enquiry, manufacture, delivery and especially with the after sales service.

As a competent and worldwide operating partner for all transmission problems Th. Zürrer AG distributes its products by more than 20 national representatives throughout Europe and the World. Our customers are working in very many fields, such as: machine tools, textile machines, automatic assembly machines, apparatus engineering, test devices, door drives, servo drives, packaging and printing, transportation equipment, medical and safety technologies. The reputation of our gearmotors and the long–term satisfaction of our clients are gained by the quality of our products, the short delivery times and the excellence of our after sales service.

Our array of products also includes ATEX-certified gears. You will find the available groups and categories in the ATEX - description.

Ongoing product design and development will ensure that we can continue to meet our customers need for quality, precision and innovation.