Th. Zürrer AG

The original Zurrer company was first founded one hundred years ago in 1916. Back then they specialised in the manufacturer of mo­tors and transformers, as well as model electric locomotives. At the time of the 1930th Zurrer began focusing on the manufacture of a vari­ety of industrial gears and motors and began carving out a reputation as the manufacturer of high precision gears.

Although they are most widely known for their special worm gears with the low backlash feature, you can buy spurbevel gears, planetary gears, AC and DC motors and servomotors.

Thanks to distributers around the world Zurrer gearboxes are utilised in the ma­nufacture of automatic assembly ma­chines and all sorts of transporta­tion equipment. The Zurrer worm gears are a prime component in many tooling machines and textile machines.
You will also find Zurrer drives being used all over the world in medical and safety technologies.
Even vacuum technics, power generators and naval technolo­gies make crucial use of Zurrer’s high precision gears and geared motors.